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Leaking equipment such as valves, pumps and connectors are the largest source of emissions from refineries and chemical manufacturing facilities.  An average refinery or chemical plant can have 150 to 46,000 valves and 600 to 60, 000 connectors—and can emit over 700 tons of volatile organic compounds each year from valves, connectors, pumps, compressors, and pressure-relief devices.

In refineries and petrochemical plants, saleable products are lost wherever emissions escape from process equipment.   Lost Product=Lost Revenue.  In 1992, the EPA estimated that product lost due to equipment leaks was $1,370 per ton.  Or over $730,000 per year for each facility.   And that’s figured in 1992 dollars!  If you factor in 20 years of price inflation, a good leak detection and repair program can save your facility plenty by reducing lost product.

By implementing a leak detection and repair program with scheduled leak testing of all equipment components at regular intervals, you can run your facility more efficiently, minimize expensive down time and generate cost savings by reducing lost product.   And by reducing emissions and VOCs and VHAPs, you can avoid emission fees, enforcement actions and  regulatory penalties.

With monthly or quarterly monitoring programs Refineries can reduce their emissions from equipment leaks by up to 63%.  And Chemical Plants can reduce VOC emissions by 56%.

Our experienced leak detection technicians can help keep your facility online and running efficiently.

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